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About ME Design

“I like an interior that defies labeling. I don’t really want someone to walk into a room and know that I was the designer.”

– Melissa Engelke

ME Design is a Tulsa-based boutique interior design firm led by principal designer Melissa Engelke.

Our firm specializes in creating spectacular one-of-a-kind living spaces with bold design concepts infused with timeless elegance, functionality, and most importantly, a sense of home.

Melissa is best known for her ability to seamlessly blend various styles into a cohesive, individually curated, client-specific design which has made her one of the most sought-after designers in the trade.

So, whether your style is modern, transitional, traditional… or a little all over, Melissa will work alongside her clients from design inception to product selection and installation to create unparalleled living spaces.

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Melissa Engelke

Melissa Engelke

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